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Monday, September 7, 2009

Derek Jeter Hurricane Hitting Machine - 2 Tips to Solve Potential Problems During use.

I occasionally run across a customer that has a problem with his or her powerbands. The problems are that the powerbands tangle and the powerbands stress and break.

First of all, let to assure you of this. The Hurricane Machine when set-up and assembled correctly will not give you any powerband trouble. Here are the steps to preventing any powerband problem.

Step one: Make sure that all KNOBS are on the same side of the machine. This means that the height adjustment collar knob and the top component KNOB must be aligned vertically over and under each other. This allows the knobs to move together and move out of the way of the bands as the machine rotates.

Step Two: Make sure that all KNOBS are tightened.

Step Three: Make sure that all batters using the machine know that the machine must "UNWRAP" between swings to prevent "POWER-BAND STRESS". If a batter continually hits the ball without allowing the ball to pass, this keeps wrapping the powerbands tighter and tighter around the machines axle. If the bands are continually wound tighter and tighter without being allowed to release tension, they will stress and break.

What is the solution? Batters should simply allow the machine to unwind between swings. Batters should allow the ball unit to pass by a couble times between swings before taking their next swing. This will also allow the batter to work at a smoother pace and rhythm. The optimum pace allows the powerbands to unwrap as many times as the batter's wing takes the ball around.

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