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Friday, January 30, 2009

SKLZ Jeter Hurricane Hitting Machine Questions and Answers

Does it rotate in a complete circle? Yes, the machine rotates in complete 360 degree circle. It rotates multiple times upon contact. When a high school player hits it, it may rotate 3 times. When a 12 year-old hits it, it may rotate only 1 1/2 times. This feature makes it a long-term investment that grows with a player. You can purchase a Hurricane Machine when a player is in elementary school and continue to use it throughout that players career in high school or even longer.

How big is the area required for set-up? The Hurricane Batting Machine rotates in a 8 1/2 ft. circle. You must allow eaxtra space for the batter to work.

Does the Derek Jeter Hurricane Machine have a motor? No it does not have a motor. It does not even require electricity. It is completely self-contained and can be set-up almost anywhere. It has its own energy sorce or ball-return mechanism. It uses a set of powerbands that stop the balls forward motion and bring it back toward the batter simular to a regular pitch. The batter hits the balls as it passes. The hitter is allowed to hit a moving ball at any desired speed. This fast moving ball makes this machine extremely fufilling, highly productive, and entertaining method of practice.

How fast a pitch can it simulate? In determining speed, the more bands, the quicker the ball will return. However, too many powerbands tend to make the return speed too fast for even advanced collegiate hitters. This machine can be set to challenge all ages or skill levels. The best powerband setting is when a single powerband is used. With one powerband the faster the hitters bat speed, the faster the ball returns. Therefore, advanced hitters are allowed faster hitting speeds than younger players. The machine is self-adjusting to the level of the user. One band allows the ball to easily rotate multiple times. This allows hitters to get in a rymthn that allows the hitter to have time to reset and prepare for the next swing.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Derek Jeter Hurricane Hitting Machine Customer Reviews

Here are some of the latest reviews that have come in on the Derek Jeter Hurricane Hitting Machine:

R. Zeigler says:
"Finally, a simple to use batting trainer tool. The trainer is very easy to assemble and disassemble as needed. My son has used the batting trainer in the driveway and the backyard using weights to hold the machine in place or supplied ground pegs. The batting machine provides immediate feedback as to hitting mechanics. Better swings result in more dramatic revolution of the ball rod. A home plate is also included so one can work on inside and outside parts of the plate. The instructions that came with the unit left a bit to be desired but it was fairly easy to assemble looking at a picture of the assembled unit on the box. The three tension bungee cords ensure that the unit does not get tangled up. In fact it has never gotten tangeled--I certainly could not say that for the hit-a-way that I used to string up to a pole. The weight of the unit is both a plus and a minus. A plus in that it is a very sturdy unit that does not move if properly secured even after repeated (50-75+) swings. It is a bit of a negative in terms of portability. That is why we use it in the driveway and backyard. I was thinking of bringing it out to my team's little league practice but wouldn't do so unless I had an SUV. Overall I am convinced that this is the best batting training machine, for the price, on the market today. I would definitely recommend it to others."

S. S. says:
"I rarely right reviews and Im not righting a review about the design or quality of the product. I am writing to say my 8 year old is hitting wonders now that he uses the hurricane. He hits ever ball first pitch now (from the coach pitched games). I put it away for 2 weeks and he started striking out. I brought it out again, and now he is smashing it again. "The proof is in the pudding"."

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

SKLZ Jeter Hurricane Hitting Machine Benefits and Advantages

The SKLZ Jeter Hurricane Hitting Machine offers four definite advantages over other batting swing trainers:

Advantage #1
The first advantage is that the Hurricane Hitting Machine allows the hitter to read the quality of his swing by the path of the batted ball. The ball will go where it is hit. He can see if he just hit a fly ball, ground ball, or a line-drive.

Advantage #2
The second advantage is that the SKLZ Jeter Hurricane Hitting Machine Solo-Trainer allows maximum "BANG TIMEl" time during practice swings. It allows you to feel the bat drive through the hit ball. There is no cable or rope controlling the ball vertically that stops the ball's forward motion. On vertical machines, no matter how well you hit the ball, you always hit a "pop-up" because the ball is "jerked" upward by the controlling cable or rope.

Advantage #3
The third advantage of the SKLZ Jeter Hurricane Hitting Machine is convience and versatility. The batter can practice hitting a moving ball that comes in at the speed he desires from a distance that is perfect for practice. The Hurricane Hitting Machine allows the batter to hit a moving ball or a "still" ball every 5 seconds. The height can be adjusted for a hitter in less than 20 seconds. The total SKLZ Jeter Hurricane Hitting Machine weights less than 45 pounds. The batter never has to stop, chase or pickup balls. The SKLZ Jeter Hurricane Hitting Machine is 100% energy efficient. All of the energy and effort exerted is used to become a better hitter. Kids love to practice hitting. They hate picking up or rounding up balls.

Advantage #4
The fourth SKLZ Jeter Hurricane Hitting Machine advantage is ball "TRAVEL TIME". This is the distance that the batter is allowed to see the ball coming in and the amount of time that the batter is allowed to see the ball travel after impact. This innovative and amazing machine feature allows the batter to experience batting practice that closely simulates real game situation hitting. This feature also challenges the hitters and keeps them motivated to get better, which is a key to success.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

SKLZ Jeter Hurricane Batting Machine Q&A

How does the Derek Jeter Hurricane Batting Machine work?

When the ball is hit, the ball and pivot head rotate forward, the machine's power bands control the ball's forward motion slowing it down until it stops, the ball then returns to the start position. This entire process takes from 3 to 5 seconds.

What makes this machine better than other hitting trainer designs?

This machine has a patented "horizontal suspended" design that allows the batter to better read the ball of the bat during every practice swing. There are no strings or cables restricting the ball's forward movement. Therefore, the batter can read his contact and tell if he just hit a fly ball, ground ball, or a line drive.

This "feedback" is vital to perfecting a great swing. With "vertical" design machines, the ball always is controlled by a cable or rope. So with the "vertical" machines the ball is always going to travel upward quickly no matter what is the angle or power of your swing. With the Hurricane Trainer Machine you can always practice hitting "with no strings attached".

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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Derek Jeter Hurricane Hitting Machine - Recommended Drill

Drill: Hurricane “BP”

This is the most common and frequently used Hurricane Machine batting drill.


The batter assumes a position with the ball-rod directed at the middle of the batters body. The batter starts the drill by hitting the ball the first time from the “still” position.

1. After the first swing the batter will step one step to the right or left. Right-handers move right and left-handers move left. This puts the batter in a position to insure proper contact is made with the ball component.

2. The batter continues to hit the ball as it comes by every third pass.

3. The batter must take the time to reset after each swing to insure proper hitting mechanics and fundamentals are being practiced.

4. When the ball is hit hard with a level swing, the ball will return level at a good speed.

5. If the ball is missed or miss-hit, the ball will “bounce or bobble” up and down.

6. When the ball is bouncing, the batter may wish to stop and start the drill over. The batter may choose to hit the ball as it bounces. This is a difficult and challenging task. has great deals on the Derek Jeter Hurricane Trainer.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Video of the Derek Jeter Hurricane Hitting Machine

Video of Derek Jeter demonstrating the Hurricane Baseball Trainer. The Hurricane Batting Machine is a fun and easy way to learn to hit a baseball. With no balls to chase, high speed ball movement, and a wide circle path of ball travel, kids get the sensation of hitting off a real pitcher. This is a great training tool for players of all ages and ability levels.

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Two Tips For Hurricane Machine Owners

Here are two problems that Hurricane Batting Machine owners may prevent with simple steps and solutios:

QUESTION: "My powerbands tangle on my Hurricane Machine's knob's. How do I prevent this from happening?"

ANSWER: Make sure that both of the two knobs (top component & top axle knob" are positioned directly over each other on the same side of the machine. When these two are aligned vertically, the powerbands can notr become entangled.

QUESTION: "My powerbands broke after one month. I thought that they would last much longer. What causes this? Should they last longer?"

ANSWER: Hurricane Machine Powerbands should last for at least a year if the machine is allowed to operate correctly. The reason your powerbands are breaking is that you are not allowing them to unwrap between swings, thus you are stretching them past their comfort zone and eventually breaking them. The solution here is to remember that the action of the Hurricane Batting Machine is a "wrapping and unwrapping" motion. Always allow the machine's ball to pass by at least 2 times between swings. This releives the tension on the bands. If you keep winding them tighter and tighter without allowing them to unwind, they will always break. Our team uses these machine and we never have a powerband break. If you do have one break withing the warranty period, call the company, they are always nice about sending out parts that stress or break when under warranty.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

"Using Hip Movement and Leverage to Generate Power"

"Using Hip Movement and Leverage to Generate Power"
By Coach Nick Dixon

When you watch several elite baseball batters hit the ball, you quickly see some common traits. The great high school, college, and pro baseball players all generate incredible power with the lower body, legs, and hips. A good baseball swing incorporates the hips and lower body into the swing. Most of the batter's power is generated by the hips and the leverage created by the front leg. How many times have you heard the following? "That batter swings with all arms, and has no power".

The amount of hip movement or turn is always determined by the pitch’s location. We all know that a hitter that "turns on everything" is setting himself up to be a victim of "soft stuff away". And a batter that cannot turn on pitches and that has problems catching-up with the fast ball will be a victim of pitchers working on the inner half of the plate.

A batter will not use the same amount of hip turn with every swing. Some pitches we hit require more hip turn than other pitch locations. The closer the pitch is to the batter, the more hip turn allowed. How do we teach a young batter to use the hips? How do we teach a young player to vary the amount of hip turn with various pitches? We teach young players to visualize that the belly button has an eye in it. The hips should always turn the required amount to allow the “eye” in the belly-button to see where the ball went when it came off the bat. The batters hips turn completely when an inside pitch is pulled. This full hip turn allows the belly button to “see” the ball go to left field. The hips will turn less when a ball is hit to center field thus allowing the batter's "belly button eye" to see the ball hit over second base. When the ball is hit to the opposite field, the hip turn is limited to allow the belly-button to see the ball go to the opposite field.

This technique is simple, but effective to teach young players how much hip turn they should have on each pitch location.

COACHING POINT: A batter's proximity to the plate can cause major problems. If a batter is too far off the plate, the other third will belong to the pitcher. If the batter is too close to the plate and the batter has limited bat speed, the inner third may belong to the pitcher. The general rule is that the batter should tap the bat on the outer black of the plate when stepping into the box to insure that all pitches over the plate can be reached. If a batter has two strikes, the batter needs to move closer to the plate so that the pitch slightly off the plate can be reached. This is especially important if the umpire has shown a tendency to call the pitch slightly off the plate a strike.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Hurricane Batting Machine System Includes the Following:

Description of Hurricane Derek Jeter Signature Series

Storm the plate with confidence. Hurricane solo swing training machine is the ideal baseball swing trainer for batters who are serious about their game. The Hurricane has turned proven two-man target and stick training into an advanced home self trainer.

The integrated ball and stick means you can practice alone – and no more chasing balls! Traditionally available only through teams, now the Hurricane’s expert training benefits are available to you at your home or anywhere you choose to practice.
  • Contents includes: Hurricane Unit with 3 power bands, Home plate and Carry bag

  • Guaranteed to improve your batting average and slugging percentage

  • Can be used for solo tee practice or as a dynamic moving target

  • Multi-Twist design provides immediate feedback on your swing – more revolutions means greater bat speed

  • Improve your bat speed and power – hit and see how far it twists

  • Use it like a stationary or moving target

  • Perfect for baseball or softball training

  • Use almost anywhere and no chasing balls

  • Ages 5 & up

  • Free Shipping & Handling

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Why hesitate in making one of the wisest investments that can be made in a player's future hitting success?

Buying a DEREK JETER HURRICANE BATTING™ Machine is a NO-RISK purchase. If you are not happy with the results that you see, you simply pack it up and send it back for a FULL REFUND minus shipping cost.

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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Baseball practice is sometimes useless or even harmful

Baseball practice is sometimes useless or even harmful


I hope that you had a super weekend.I knew that that headline would get your attention. I came across this article that discusses the merits of baseball practice.

Click here to read the article for Jone T. Reed.
I know the value of baseball practice. Of course for every coach that knows how to plan, organize and run a productive practice, there are 4 coaches that go out there without a "clue".

Do your baseball homework and you will become one of the productive coaches!

Good Luck till Next Time, Nick.

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Monday, January 12, 2009

Hurricane Batting Machine - Video of Hurricane Hitting Machine

Here are a couple videos of the Hurricane Batting Machine being hit. You can see how the machine works and operates. Plus, you notice how efficient and easy the Hurricane Hitting Machine works!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Did You Know the Derek Jeter Batting Machine is Sold For Less on Ebay?

Did You Know the Derek Jeter Batting Machine is Sold For Less on Ebay?

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

7 Common Traits of Great Hitting

By Mitchell Dowdy

There are numerous hitting methods and styles that exist for baseball. They all claim the same thing: that they are the best; who's right and who's wrong? They all "can" work depending on the ability of the individual. Individual style from how you lace your cleats to the position of your hat and the 400 or so moving parts in between all add up to one result – smacking a round ball with a round bat in the sweet spot of both while getting down the baseline as fast as possible.

Different approaches, stances and swing, wrist speed etc. See what works and doesn't work for you. The consensus is that there are 7 common traits shared among great hitters, no matter what hitting method is used.

1. Comfort – What is there or worry about? Relax, the guy 45 or more feet away is gonna throw a ball at you. You have seen it before, you will see it again. So what if you take one for the team, stay in there and drive it right back at the person who threw it at you. The batter is really in control of the outcome. How many times have you seen players hit the ball when its over their head, way inside or even bouncing off the plate. Calm down, you can put the bat on the ball whenever YOU decide.

2. Confidence – Don't let your mind strike you out before you begin. If you are convinced you can hit the ball, what's to stop you? Believe in yourself and let it happen. Be mindful of the count, when you are ahead, look for the good ones, when behind, smack it! If you leave it up to the Umpire to see it the way you do, chances are you'll be walking back to the dug out. You have tons of time at the batting cages and practice, you can HIT IT!

3. See the Ball Watch the pitcher, does he release the ball from over his head, off to the side, under hand? The key is the ball is in his hand and the release point will be within fractions of an each on each pitch. So, if it always starts in the same place, how does it get all over? Simple, its variation in the motions it takes to get to the release point. But get over all that, when you see where it starts, you can determine where its going and your bat will follow your eyes instructions.

4. The Twitch Your reaction to the ball being released is the twitch, the quicker your twitch, the longer you can watch the ball. If your twitch is slower, start it sooner. I have seen batters wait for half the distance before they start their swing, I have seen others begin their step as soon as the pitcher leaves their balance point.

5. Core Power It really begins with the feet, then torso then hands. But you need to have all three work in rhythm. Power is transferred form the feet to the torso which multiplies the power by expanding the circle and creating speed, which is then transferred into the hands. If any part over-powers the following, you loose the build up of momentum. Work on getting all three to work together.

6. Swing - Keep it short and sweet! You are closer to the plate than you think, so keep the hands inside and let the bat do the work. Step, turn the hips while keeping your hands back, power is loaded and transferred through the core, whamo.. let it all out at once!

DO NOT BE TIMID ABOUT SWINGING AT THE BALL! Swing, Swing, Swing! Remember #2, believe in yourself, you can hit anything! And it does not matter how well it is driven each time, the point of the matter is putting the bat on the ball ::: PERIOD::::

7. Balance – You can't hit well from the ground There cannot be enough said about balance. It allows you to see the ball, transfer power to the ball and get out of the box. The quickest way to learn is hitting soft toss from a teeter board, if you can do it there, there is no question you can do it from the dirt. Learn to swing through the ball with the bat, not your whole body. If your body follows your arms you are taking away from the power sent up from your legs. Bring the bat around and keep your feet. So what does it all add up to? You will hit the ball the way your body, skill and ability sees best for you to assemble your 400 or so moving parts.

Work on the elements of hitting on their own. And remember, batting practice is just that, batting practice! Plan your practice accordingly, some time on each of the pieces, then more time putting it all together. Don't try to do both at the same time, it's a sure recipe for frustration. To commit good habits to muscle memory, do your conditioning first, get the muscles nice and tired; this is the moment you must make every effort to do motions correctly. If your lazy about the particulars when you are tired, it will come out at the game.

You want to train yourself and your body to react quickly and correctly. Only perfect practice can make perfect (to quote from Cal Ripken Sr.) Mitchell Dowdy Copyright 2007 may be reprinted in whole with linksMr. Dowdy is the father of 3 and after re-entering competitive baseball with his oldest that lead to frustration of finding suitable glove, he became an Official Distributor for Kelley Athletic

Monday, January 5, 2009

Hurricane Baseball Hitting Machine Ball Unit

The Hurricane Hitting Machine has a removable ball unit that allows the machine to be packed and transported. The machine travels easily in your SUV, Car or Truck. You can use it at team practices, as Pre-game warm-up or between travel games.

It is recommended that you have an extra ball unit on hand in case you have a ball crack or split during a team workout. Keeping one on hand will prevent you from losing valuable pre-game warm-up swings. Your kids are going to love this great machine. Their confidence levels will soar when you purchase this machine.

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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Hurricane Hitting Machine by Skilz with Derek Jeter Batting

---If you are a parent or coach, ask yourself these questions:
---Is your player an underachiever at the plate?
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---Imagine the joy and excitement your player will feel when he or she becomes the team's best hitter!

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