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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Derek Jeter Hurricane Hitting Machine - Recommended Drill

Drill: Hurricane “BP”

This is the most common and frequently used Hurricane Machine batting drill.


The batter assumes a position with the ball-rod directed at the middle of the batters body. The batter starts the drill by hitting the ball the first time from the “still” position.

1. After the first swing the batter will step one step to the right or left. Right-handers move right and left-handers move left. This puts the batter in a position to insure proper contact is made with the ball component.

2. The batter continues to hit the ball as it comes by every third pass.

3. The batter must take the time to reset after each swing to insure proper hitting mechanics and fundamentals are being practiced.

4. When the ball is hit hard with a level swing, the ball will return level at a good speed.

5. If the ball is missed or miss-hit, the ball will “bounce or bobble” up and down.

6. When the ball is bouncing, the batter may wish to stop and start the drill over. The batter may choose to hit the ball as it bounces. This is a difficult and challenging task. has great deals on the Derek Jeter Hurricane Trainer.

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