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Friday, January 23, 2009

Two Tips For Hurricane Machine Owners

Here are two problems that Hurricane Batting Machine owners may prevent with simple steps and solutios:

QUESTION: "My powerbands tangle on my Hurricane Machine's knob's. How do I prevent this from happening?"

ANSWER: Make sure that both of the two knobs (top component & top axle knob" are positioned directly over each other on the same side of the machine. When these two are aligned vertically, the powerbands can notr become entangled.

QUESTION: "My powerbands broke after one month. I thought that they would last much longer. What causes this? Should they last longer?"

ANSWER: Hurricane Machine Powerbands should last for at least a year if the machine is allowed to operate correctly. The reason your powerbands are breaking is that you are not allowing them to unwrap between swings, thus you are stretching them past their comfort zone and eventually breaking them. The solution here is to remember that the action of the Hurricane Batting Machine is a "wrapping and unwrapping" motion. Always allow the machine's ball to pass by at least 2 times between swings. This releives the tension on the bands. If you keep winding them tighter and tighter without allowing them to unwind, they will always break. Our team uses these machine and we never have a powerband break. If you do have one break withing the warranty period, call the company, they are always nice about sending out parts that stress or break when under warranty.

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