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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Derek Jeter Hurricane Hitting Machine Customer Reviews

Here are some of the latest reviews that have come in on the Derek Jeter Hurricane Hitting Machine:

R. Zeigler says:
"Finally, a simple to use batting trainer tool. The trainer is very easy to assemble and disassemble as needed. My son has used the batting trainer in the driveway and the backyard using weights to hold the machine in place or supplied ground pegs. The batting machine provides immediate feedback as to hitting mechanics. Better swings result in more dramatic revolution of the ball rod. A home plate is also included so one can work on inside and outside parts of the plate. The instructions that came with the unit left a bit to be desired but it was fairly easy to assemble looking at a picture of the assembled unit on the box. The three tension bungee cords ensure that the unit does not get tangled up. In fact it has never gotten tangeled--I certainly could not say that for the hit-a-way that I used to string up to a pole. The weight of the unit is both a plus and a minus. A plus in that it is a very sturdy unit that does not move if properly secured even after repeated (50-75+) swings. It is a bit of a negative in terms of portability. That is why we use it in the driveway and backyard. I was thinking of bringing it out to my team's little league practice but wouldn't do so unless I had an SUV. Overall I am convinced that this is the best batting training machine, for the price, on the market today. I would definitely recommend it to others."

S. S. says:
"I rarely right reviews and Im not righting a review about the design or quality of the product. I am writing to say my 8 year old is hitting wonders now that he uses the hurricane. He hits ever ball first pitch now (from the coach pitched games). I put it away for 2 weeks and he started striking out. I brought it out again, and now he is smashing it again. "The proof is in the pudding"."

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