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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Composite Bats - How Do I Get My Bat to Perform Better?

By Mike Carson

Make your bat hotter by having it rolled or shaved by juicing

A juiced bat is just another name for a bat that has been altered in some fashion. Typically a bat is juiced by either shaving or rolling. When you juice your bat you are improving the performance of the bat. When shaving you are thinning the inner walls out. By doing this you allow the barrel of the bat to flex more and this increases the trampoline effect which will increase the batted ball speed and open up the sweet spot. When rolling a bat you are breaking down the glue that binds the fiber together. In both cases the bat may exceed the design specifications of the bat and this could effect whether or not the bat is legal in your particular association. It is recommended that you contact your local association or league official to ensure you are not in violation of any rules. If you participate in any outlaw leagues or home run derbies then you most likely don't have to worry about this.

Risks associated with rolling or juicing

Currently rolling is legal in only 1 slow pitch softball association and shaving is not legal in any associations. Rolling, is legal one association (ISA), they clearly state in their rule book that rolling is legal. In another association (ASA), they have recently adopted a bat certification process that requires all bats to be tested after they have been rolled. This ensures each bat that is certified by them does not exceed their performance factor after being rolling. We interpret this as rolling being legal even though it doesn't specifically say so. In USSSA, they do clearly state rolling is against the rules. My opinion is that rolling your bat is doing nothing more than taking 500 BP swings. You're just doing it in a more controlled fashion and in a shorter period of time. My advice to you is to check with your local association or league and find out what their stance is on this subject. Shaving your bat is without question illegal in ALL associations and you will get in a lot of trouble if you are found out. This includes possible law suits and being banned from the association.

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