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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Baseball Coaching Vs Having Talent - What's More Important?

Coaching Vs Having Talent - What's More Important?
By Stephen K Reynolds

My son and I just came off a tournament this past weekend where by we were beaten pretty soundly in all 3 games that we played. Sean is on a 12u travel team and he is the youngest at 10, 11 in April.

We probably have 6 travel level players and the rest are not! The manager and I were discussing the level of play on the way home and the topic came up as to whether we could make some of boys play better?

Coaches in competitive travel ball always are looking for better players and it is easy to assume that they are willing to take credit for the level of play of their team... Question is how much is coaching versus the quality of the ball players?

The big question is can you get kids with marginal ability to play like All-Stars? A lot of are kids can't hit and probably wont hit travel pitching no matter how much time you put in the cages, or throwing to them not to mention instruction. Players who struggling with the mental game and are marginal fielders probably are always going to be limited in their abilities.

It is frustrating because you want them to succeed and you feel responsible when they don't! I would say You want kids with above average ability and then you need to get them to play to the best of their ability. We don't like to hear it as coaches but quality players make us look good period!

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