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Monday, June 28, 2010

Are You a Baseball Player and Need Hitting Instructions?

Are You a Baseball Player and Need Hitting Instructions?
By Guest Author Ray Alarcon

Are you a baseball player looking to for hitting instructions? At one point or another and at all levels, all baseball players need hitting instructions.

Many players cannot run fast, field or throw well, HITTING however is so important, that the game developed a position for those players who could do only one thing HIT. This position as we all know is the designated hitter of DH. The addition of the designated hitter position in 1972 confirmed one thing. In baseball, at every level if you can hit, they will find a way for you to play it's as simple as that.

This article will show you why proper hitting instructions will help you succeed at every level of your baseball career. If you are a coach, want to be one, or if you are a parent trying to to teach his/her child to hit, you want to make sure that your instructions are not doing more harm than good.

There are many intangibles that make a good hitter; the proper stance, the mental and physical approach, the size of the bat you use, and others.

Hitting instructions are important all levels. The young players usually get instructions from coaches (or parents) that often have no or little knowledge of the art of hitting or how to properly teach it. As the young player develops, they can often get by with natural ability. As players get older however, (middle and high school level) and the casual players drop out of the sport in his mid teens, the players that continue to play are often the better athletes or those who have received proper instructions at an early age and therefore the competition gets tougher. Improving your skills with proper hitting instructions will help you succeed at that next level against those players.

Hitting instructions don't end there however. If you continue your career as a college player or beyond, there will always be a need for hitting instructions. Throughout your baseball career there will be times when you struggle and maybe slump and you may begin to doubt your abilities. Reviewing the hitting instructions that you have learned from in the past will be a way to "getting back on track".

As I have previously mentioned hitting instructions are very important at all levels of the sport and at all ages. They help develop a proper foundation for young and developing players, and at the same time help older and more experienced players to remain consistently good hitters

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