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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Hurricane: A Great Tool for Off-Season Training

The Jeter Hurricane Machine is a great tool for keeping your hitters in shape during the off-season. Many people make use of this machine during the months that they cannot practice outdoors....especially in the Northern parts of the country where Winters are longer and more harsh.

Working out on the Hurricane Machine just 15-30 minutes a day 2-3 times a week can keep your hitters tuned up and have them that much closer to being ready when the season rolls back around. Every year, more and more kids and leagues play more and more games. Keeping your hitters in shape year 'round can be greatly beneficial to them and their success.

People all over the country are using the Hurricane Machine in the Winter months in places such as the garage and basement. All you need is 12' by 9' of open space to use this product indoors.

Set the Hurricane up and leave it so your players can practice hitting whenever they wish without having to go through any setup. This allows kids to practice on impulse, which will increase the amount of times they want to practice. If a player can just pick up a bat and start hitting, they are subject to practice hitting more often. No gathering balls, no feeding or loading balls, no coaches or other players needed......JUST HITTING!

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