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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Baseball Training Tips For the Derek Jeter Hurricane Machine

Last night's MLB All-Star Game was incredible. I thought that game was going to last all night. It was a long game...but well worth the loss of sleep.

I just wanted to post a couple of recommended training tips for the Derek Jeter Baseball Trainer.
  • Remember the Hurricane Machine's "strike height" can be easily changed. Make sure that you change your height often to give your batter practice at hitting the ball at different levels.
  • Always remove the powerbands before changing height. If you lower your machine's height, you may have to tighten the tension of your powerbands to maintain the desired speed.
  • The higher the ball is, the more the hands and forearms must work. A great off-season drill is the "HIGH TEE" drill. You set the Hurricane Machine's Ball as high as possible. The batter must work hard to stay on top of the ball. It takes extra effort to get the baseball bat's barrel through the zome with the ball set at the high setting.

Good Luck til next time, Nick.

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