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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Derek Jeter Hurricane Baseball Hitting Machine - Hitting Streak Drill

The Baseball "Hitting Streak" or "Batting Streak" Drill is one of the most pupular Derek Jeter Hurricane Machine baseball training drills. The drill is fun, entertaining and challenging for hitters of all ages and ability levels.

Hurricane Machine "Hitting Streak" Baseball Training Drill
  • The drill can be a competition between two or more players or the batter can compete against his or her personal best "Batting Streak" number.
  • The Batting Streak number is the number of times a batter makes contact with the Hurricane Machine's Ball before a swing and a miss.
  • Contact of any kind keeps the streak "alive". The batter is not allowed to touch the ball with the hands or the bat between swings. If the batter miss hits the ball, the ball will react in a bobbling motion. The batter must hit the ball as it bobbles. This requires great concentration. If the ball stops moving completely the drill is over. The ball must be kept moving.
  • The player with the most hits in a row wins the match. This is a great drill or activity for team competitions.
  • Tracking the ball at all times as it circles the machine is a must for a player to be successful.
  • Note: Make sure that players allow the ball to pass at least once or twice between swings. If the batter does not allow the BatAction Powerbands to unwrap, to release tension, they will continue to wrap tighter and tighter until they stess and break. This is usually not a problem because most users of this great baseball training machine realize that the Derek Jeter Hurricane Hitting Machine operates on a "wrapping and unwrapping" process.

Good Luck til next time, Nick.

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