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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Hurricane Batting Trainer Hip Turner Drill

The Hip Turner Drill is a great drill for players who are having difficulty getting their lower body involved in their swing. This drill will help your hitter get maximim rotation in the hips during impact of the ball.

Hurricane Hip Turner Drill

  • This drill is the perfect drill for hitters who lack power or do not get their lower body and involved in the swing.
  • To perform the drill, the hitter points the Hurricane impact ball at his/her front side back pocket. So for a righty, the ball should be positioned towards the left back pocket of the hitter as if trying to hit an extreme inside pitch.
  • The hitter then contacts the ball opening the hips all the way up getting maximum rotation. The ball should be positioned so the hitter must exagerate hip rotation in order to make contact.
  • The hitter should get a swing every 10 seconds or so after the ball returns and comes nearly settled much like a tee drill.
  • The hitter should not take a stride in this drill- just rotate fully at the hips when making contact with the ball.

Note: Make sure the hitter does not step out or stride open during this drill. If the hitter opens up instead of rotating fully at the hips, the effectiveness of the drill is lost.

Good Luck until next time, Nick.

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