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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Three Tips on How To Hit Baseball Good

Three Tips on How To Hit Baseball Good
By Jeffery A Wise

Most ball players who love the game of baseball have a desire to learn how to hit a baseball good. They don't want to just be mediocre hitters. They have a drive to excel at what they love. Seeing players with this drive makes me happy to be a fan of the sport.

There are several tips you need in order to be a better hitter. First, you need to know the strike zone. It is usually from the armpits to the middle of the knees. Some umpires measure it differently but those areas are where you need to protect yourself the most. Make sure you swing at balls coming in this area.

As you become a more experienced player, you will automatically recognize whether or not a pitch is a strike. Having that knowledge combined with being ready to attack the ball and hit it is going to put you in good standing for hitting the ball cleanly.

Another tip you must follow is to be selective and hit your right pitch. You don't want to chase pitches outside of the strike zone. You get three strikes in baseball, so even if a pitch is on the far outside corner of the plate, you can still wait for your pitch. If you like what you see coming then get ready to attack the ball and drive it somewhere.

As you strategize a pitch, remember that the pitcher is working on his strategy too. He will try to trick you with curve balls, change ups and sliders. If a pitcher is having a great day and hitting the corners of the plate for strikes, be ready for that. If the pitcher is constantly throwing the ball away from you on the outside corner of the plate, make the correct adjustment and hit the ball to the opposite field.

The final tip I want to bring you is about confidence. Some players say they are afraid of striking out and that fear is causing them to not fully extend their arms when they swing. They either hit a dribbler to an infielder or actually strike out.

Hitting a baseball is partially mental so you need to be prepared before you even get into the batter's box. What I mean is that you need to feel as confident as possible. Visualize yourself getting a hit while you're sitting on the bench or taking practice swings in the on-deck circle.

That doesn't mean you have to be arrogant. I'm talking about a quiet confidence. Be confident that you are going to be aggressive and hit the right pitch at the right time. You can do it and don't let anyone or anything get you down. If you begin to doubt yourself, just take a step back, breathe and get back in there.

Knowing these three tips will help you become a better baseball hitter, which is what every player wants.

Jeffery A Wise invites you to learn more about how to hit baseball good so that you can help your team win. Start learning today at our site by reading our baseball articles, watching our videos and participating in our blog.

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