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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Baseball Hitting Tips - Handling Bad Calls

Baseball Hitting Tips - Handling Bad Calls
By Jeffery A Wise

Baseball is an emotional sport. If you're a player, it's easy to get upset at a bad call or a strike out. You may feel cheated. So what is the best way to handle such a situation?

Of course, there are several options. You've probably seen lots of negative behavior, including players yelling, throwing their helmet and giving the umpire nasty looks. In my opinion, you shouldn't do or say anything negative to the umpires, even if it is an obvious bad call. Showing your frustration won't help the situation and it may cause them to treat you unfairly at your next bat.

Instead, the best response to have is to accept the call and jog back to the dugout if you've been struck out. Quickly vent your frustrations to the coach or other players but don't let it go any farther.

A response like this is not only a display of good sportsmanship. It also benefits your game. If you can't stay mentally focused it will affect the rest of your game. You are a needed player and you can't let one bad call cause you to lose your mental focus. Use any pent up aggression on the field to make a great play and help your team win.

Stay in the game and stay focused. Let your coaches handle any arguing over a bad call. That's their job anyway and they will have your back if they think it's necessary.

Don't let the umpire get the best of you. Just do your best and work hard to help your team win.

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