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Monday, November 16, 2009

The Major League Swing and 3 Reasons You Should Be Using it

By Rob Bucher

The Major League swing should be the swing you copy and use with your approach to hitting. Let's forget all about rotational hitting mechanics and linear mechanics for just a minute.

If your a coach or a player and you are not either teaching or using the swing all the best hitters in baseball are using, you're making a mistake...

...And limiting your potential.

Here's three reasons why your should ingrain the swing mechanics of the pros.

A strong position at contact is one of the most important characteristics you should add to your swing. The best hitters in the game keep their hands inside the baseball and usually close to their body. When your arms become extended they become weak. Keeping them close to the body as you swing through the hitting zone will ensure you have a strong contact position.
Major League hitters all turn into the ball or if you want to call it, rotate into the ball. They maximize the bodies full potential by using the lower body to pull the upper body into the contact zone. Make sure you are not staying back and swinging with your arms first.

The best hitters in the game are not trying to hit the top half of the ball to promote backspin. Their goal is to make contact squarely with the ball. The match the barrel of the bat on the plane of the pitch. This allows them to hit the ball with more power.

If you want to become a better hitter than all you have to is start copying the swings the best players in the game.

They all transfer their weight from the back leg to the front leg and rotate over a clean axis. This axis starts at the stride foot and works it's way up the body to the top of the head.

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