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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Hitting a Baseball Using the Yoda Secret

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By Nate Barnett

Luke Skywalker took training from Yoda in the epic series, Star Wars (like I had to mention what movie Yoda was from). To put it bluntly, Luke was horrible at it for the first while! He didn't see many results. What Luke chose to do that many baseball players don't do is continue to figure things out until they work. This article addresses the lesser trained part of the game of baseball, the mental side and applies it to the art of hitting a baseball.

Yoda Secret Defined

Yoda understood that the ability to control one's mind was the key to great energy and strength. To apply this to art of hitting a baseball, the problem occurs when many baseball players place nearly 100% of their baseball swing training on the physical part of their game. It's not totally the fault of the athlete. Physical baseball instruction and information is everywhere. Consider the following:

1. Most practice time is devoted to... physical training.

2. Most books on baseball instruction are geared towards physical teaching.

3. Most baseball clinics are based on how to train and coach the physical part of the game with baseball drills, practice plans, arm maintenance, etc.

4. Most baseball training facilities focus nearly 100% of their time on mechanics baseball drills.

While I'm not trying to undermine the importance of physical baseball instruction, please understand it's only half of what you need to become a complete hitter and well rounded athlete. What if I told you that you've only tapped 50% of your ability up until now. What if I told you most college scholarships will not be available to you without developing the "Yoda Secret". What if I told you professional baseball is out of reach for you without proper understanding of the other 50% of your training.

If any of those above comments made you curious, scared, frustrated, or prompted you to think more about your baseball future, then you're on the right track for sure!

What you can do to work on the other 50% of your game

1. Any time a coach talks on the mental part of baseball with some teaching, listen! And then ask questions! Example: Can I talk with you more about that? Where did you learn that? Do you have any more resources for me?

2. Plug into training programs that dealing with the mental side of the sport.

3. Read books from great baseball players and find their secret to success on the mental side - or listen to audio books on baseball.

4. Find players who want to develop the mental side of baseball and work together sharing resources, etc.

May the force be with you (wow, that was cheesy).

Nate Barnett is owner of BMI Baseball designed to improve the mental game in athletes. Come download a free ebook on dealing with failure in baseball.

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