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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Ensuring Success For Coaching Little League Baseball

By Stephen K Reynolds

If you a contemplating coaching little league baseball or you are already involved it is always good to step back and review your program and decide if you are still on track. I always remind myself that I am here for the players, after all this is all the the kids not the adults!

It is good to decide why you are coaching little league baseball or why you want to? In order to be successful in little league baseball a coach must have a plan and stick to that plan. Practices need to organized with the idea of keeping it snappy and interesting for the players. how do you do this??

Don't stay to long on the same drill! I can't stress this enough. Coaches always want to see there players perform a certain drill to perfection, that's great but if you stay on the drill too long players lose interest. I'm helping a guy who is the manager of a Major boys little league baseball team that my son was just drafted onto.

Just the other night we were doing a drill were 2 coaches hit balls at shortstop and 2nd base.
This is a great drill however i felt like we stayed too long with it because the kids couldn't get to 10 in a row with out throwing the ball away or making a fielding error! You can always tell when they loose their focus. it should be 10 minutes no longer and then you say to them that will come back to that the next practice.

In order to get the most out of your players you have to keep in mind that they are young and to keep it fun and keep moving through the drills.

Another point to focus on is covering things that will happen in a game situation. Are you stressing things that will happen most of the time. Force outs, where to throw the ball from outfield in certain situations. Stress to your young players to always ask themselves if the ball comes to me what am I going to do with it??

Don't waste time on a situation that is not likely to come up very often. Remember we Don;t have a lot of time so make the most of it!

Getting back to a organized practice, always talk to your players just before practice starts about what they are going to learn today! Once practice is over go over what you worked on and then ask them what they learned. Coaches, remember long after the game is over players will remember how they were treated not what the score was.

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