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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

How to make your Hurricane Hitting Machine Powerbands last for a full season.

How to make your Derek Jeter Hurricane Machine Powerbands last for a full season.

The Powerbands are the energy source for the Derek Jeter Hurricane Machine Hitting Machine. The Derek Jeter Hurricane Batting Machine operates by the "wrapping and unwrapping" action of the powerbands. Most users use two powerbands. The powerbands should not be too tight. The Hitting machine should rotate at least two times when hit by an advanced high school ages hitter.

The key to making Derek Jeter Hurricane Machine Powerbands last:

Derek Jeter Hurricane Machine Powerbands should last at least a year. Make sure that you always allow the bands to unwind between swings. What stresses and breaks the bands is a batter that keeps hitting the ball every time it approaches without allowing the ball to unwind and the bands to unwrap. When a hitter allows the machine to pass by a couple times between swings, the stress or tension on the bands is released. This prevents the powerbands from being stretched too tight and breaking.

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