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Monday, February 16, 2009

Baseball Training: Work the two hands independently to build bat speed

Hello and good morning. Today, I have presented two drills used to build arm strength, hand quickness, bat speed, and bat control. The two drills are the TOP HAND and PULL HAND HITTING DRILLs. These toe drills can be perfromed using the Derek Jeter Hurricane Hitting Machine. Have a great day, Nick

Drill # 1
Top-Hand Drill
The top hand on the grip is the hand that takes the bat to the ball. It is improtant to develop strength and skill with this hand. To do this we do a one-handed isolation drill. The batter uses just the top hand. Gripping the bat at the top of the grip and using the bat like a tomahawk, the batter tries to get over the top of the ball and hit it into the ground. The batter has a coach or player soft toss the ball above the waist. The batter hits the ball from the top and drives its straight into the ground. This drill is best performed with the Hit2win Handheld Trainer from Nedco Sports. Suggested - 25 Swings - 3 Times a week.

Drill # 2
Power Hand Drill A hitters power comes from the bottom or pull hand. This drill develops bottom hand strength. This drill when done on a hitting machine, the machine should be set at a high strike setting. The hitter uses only the bottom hand in its regular position near the knob of the bat. We recommend the BatAction Hitting Machine or Hurricane Hitting Machine for this drill. It works absolutely perfect! The coach must make sure that the ball is above the batters waist. It is best for the ball to be numbers high. The batter steps into the ball and hits its one-handed. Suggested - 25 Swings - 3 Times a week.

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