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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Is Derek Jeter the Best Yankee Player to Ever Put on the PinStripes?

Is Derek Jeter the Best Yankee Player to Ever Put on the PinStripes?

By Brent Archer

If you haven't seen what Derek Jeter has done over the past 13 years, then you must have been sleeping. He has been the shining star in a somewhat clueless Yankee team at times throughout the year 2000. Once he came into the organization, he immediately made an impact helping bring a championship to the Yankees in 1996.

Many people thought he was just going to be a one year type of guy. They thought he was going to do great but eventually fall out of baseball or wind up in the minor leagues. But his coach Joe Torre had a lot of faith in him and knew he would be the rising star of the organization....and was he right!

In this past year, Derek Jeter past Lou Gerig for the all time Yankee hit leader position which is no easy feat to accomplish. Let's look back at all of the great Yankees that he had to battle with in order to get to the position he currently at.

Don Mattingly, which was one of the Yankee greats and such a dangerous hitter. Most pitchers always feared to face him.

Lou Gerig, who was also known as the "iron horse" who rarely ever missed a game and was a constant in the lineup behind the man I am going to mention next.

Babe Ruth, perhaps the best baseball player in the history of the game. This man alone brought baseball back and actually put it on the map.

These are only some of the names Derek Jeter had to pass in order to get where he is today. This shows he is a special player that will be in the Hall of Fame someday. He may even be the best Yankee to ever put on the uniform but that really relies on people's opinions.

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