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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Improved Baseball Hitting Techniques

By Chris Moheno

When it comes to baseball training many players will focus on either baseball hitting or baseball pitching. In many cases, you are either a hitter or a pitcher and on the rare occasion, you will succeed at both. When it comes to hitting, you will need to focus on becoming an effective hitter as opposed to what some may call a rusty gate. You will need to be able to train both your eyes and your wrists to work together and allow you to hit the ball.

Effective hitting is the ability to hit the ball to all fields for average and power. This is a rare combination even for those players in the major leagues. You have of course those that can hit for average and possess a lot of speed and will be in the top of the lineup. Then there are the players who will hit more for power and be able to drive the ball, these are your middle of the line-up or 4, 5 and 6 hitters. These are the players who are responsible for driving in runs. The most important thing that any player can have when at the plate is patience. Be willing to wait for the pitch you want and know it when you see it. However, knowing what pitch you want and actually hitting are two different things. Developing strong hand eye coordination as well as quick reflexes are things that will aid in your ability to hit the ball better. Remember in baseball, hitting is lot more than baseball pitching. The ability to hit the ball will always outweigh the ability to throw simply because the hitter plays every day.

To better train for baseball hitting you will need to be able to dedicate a lot of time to conditioning as well as be able to spend a lot of time at batting cages. The best way to be able to hit a ball consistently and effectively is through repetition. By doing this you will develop muscle memory which will aid you in being able to go up and just watch the ball and let your body take over as it will know what to do. Know where to stand in the batter's box and what angle to hold the bat at. You will want to develop a smooth level swing to hit primarily line drives. A batter whose swing rises as he follows through will get more lift than drive on the ball and is more likely to hit fly balls and pop ups. A hitter whose bat drops as he swings through will hit more ground balls and will have rely primarily on speed to get on base. Consistency, practice, and repetition are the three main items to improve your hitting ability. However, being physically fit and well conditioned will contribute to your success as well.

As you work towards becoming a better hitter, make sure that you understand that there is no true off-season. You must constantly work to improve your baseball hitting much like a pitcher will work to improve their baseball pitching. It is all about consistency.

Make sure to study the pitchers and their tendencies so you know which pitch is coming and where it is likely to end up to better prepare yourself when you face them. Always prepare yourself and condition at all times. Know how you will be approach each at bat and what your routine will be when you are at the plate.

It is important to be consistent and have the same approach in order to achieve success. Never take your eye off the ball and follow through on every swing. This way you will be able to drive the ball better and develop a smoother stroke.

Try to find exercises and activities that will improve hand eye coordination as well as wrist speed. These two things will help tremendously as well as practice.

Chris Moheno has a long time passion for sports in general and for baseball coaching more specifically. His goal is to spread the word about effective non-fluff baseball training techniques for both more experienced and young baseball players, to help them perform better during the game. Discover more about baseball training on baseballtrainingsecrets.

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