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Monday, August 17, 2009

How a High School Baseball Player Can Significantly Increase His Chances of Playing College Baseball

How a High School Baseball Player Can Significantly Increase His Chances of Playing College Baseball

By Jason Alamo

"Make the present good, and the past will take care of itself."
-- Knute Rockne

High School Players with a dream of playing baseball at the next level must realize they only get one chance. One go around at your four years in high school. They will pass very quickly. You might dread getting up early every morning to go to school, wishing it was over, but you will wake up one day and wonder how time passed so quickly. The place you wanted to leave and wish was over, now is. The only problem is most don't realize how quickly it passes until it actually does. Live in the moment, and strive to push as hard as you can each day. The best reward you can give yourself is to look in the mirror at the end of your four years and truly believe that you did everything you could have regrets. That is the real accomplishment.

"You only ever grow as a human being if you're outside your comfort zone."
- Percy Cerutty

Think back to any great accomplishment you have ever achieved. More than likely you were nervous and outside of your comfort zone during a period of that process. Your greatest successes and achievements will happen outside of your comfort zone. Most are unwilling to take themselves to this point because ,frankly, it is just easier not to. The most successful people in the history of the world, were scared, nervous, uneasy, and reluctant to continue along their journey, but continuing when most would have stopped, was what led to the "magic. When learning new mechanics and body movements, players will likely feel "uncomfortable". Anything new will feel uncomfortable for a period of time. A friend of mine, Julio Vega, an assistant coach at St. John's University, talked about this topic during my Best At The Bay Showcase, this past November. He gave a great presentation about "learning to be comfortable, being uncomfortable!"

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