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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Baseball Power Hitting Drills - These Power Hitting Drills Are a Must For Any Baseball Player

Everyone could benefit from a few baseball power hitting drills like I did. Striking out all the time starting to really suck? It did for me too. Between gripping the bat wrong and having a pathetic stance, I was a lot of work...for everybody. By adjusting my grip and doing a few power hitting drills a day, I finally gained some dignity on as well as off the filed.

By Tyler Barton

If you are a dedicated baseball player like I am with the thirst for power hitting, you know how important a good set of power hitting drills are. The sweet feeling of entering the ball park having your teammates proud and thankful to be on your team, to step up to the plate and have the other team's coach tell the fielders to move way feels great.

However, before I found the right set of power hitting drills to incorporate into my baseball training, I didn't exist in the world of batting, let alone power hitting - I sucked!

It didn't matter what power hitting drills I did..or ate. My family couldn't afford a weight system, batting gloves don't help - just a waste of money, batting tees kinda helped my level swing - useless against non-stationary baseballs, I even tried eating a plate of spaghetti before every game - a mom tip. I would either end up flailing around at the plate like I had spaghetti arms (no pun intended), or I would get a stomach ache.

I was sick of everybody's advice and almost quit - there was a nice summer reading program at the library I could volunteer at for my community service hours for school.

Believe it or not, it was physics class that gave me a new practice drill - we had a question involving baseball distance and batting speed. Obviously, went home and looked for ways to improve my bat speed. WARNING: CLICHE MOMENT. It seemed too good to be true - a site devoted to baseball power hitting drills by university coaches and scientists (don't let this discourage you, it's about baseball, so it's written for baseball players).

Given that it's tested material, and the fact I was fed up with dumb redneck batting tips and willing to try anything, Given that these baseball power hitting drills are tested power hitting drills, and the fact I was fed up with dumb redneck batting tips and willing to try anything, I went for it. Going back to the beginning of this little blurb, this was the best investment ever - better than my ps3.

By just adjusting my grip I lost spaghetti arm and could make solid contact with the ball, so I was excited about learning the real power hitting drills.

Within weeks (or within a few season games for another perspective) I had added several power hitting drills and tips to my arsenal, power hitting baseballs to the fence for triples, and even ground rule doubles. Finally, within a month....same ol' season games - I hit my first home run - 290ft. Within another week or so, I became a power hitting machine. It's quite amazing how many friends remember you when you start winning games for their team.

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