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Monday, November 22, 2010

Griffey Cleats Are Game Winners

Griffey Cleats Are Game Winners
By guest author: Jacob Akshire

Ken Griffey, Jr. Is one of today's leading sports figures, considered by many to be a great baseball player. The house that Griffey built is a popular title for the Mariner's baseball stadium. Many think it couldn't have been built without the boost from his reputation. Along with a number of other top athletes, he is affiliated with Nike. Griffey cleats, his line of baseball shoes, have been a very popular product.

Usage of the word cleat can be confusing. Originally a cleat was a stud, sort of a spike, that was attached to the sole of a shoe for better performance on quick stops and turns. It still means this, but it can also refer to a shoe with cleats. Baseball shoes can be had with or without cleats. This article is about both kinds of baseball shoes associated with Ken Griffey, Jr.

Griffey's association with Nike goes back around ten years. The shoes they produce are lightweight and surprisingly comfortable to wear. The soles have Nike Air technology built in. This gives them improved cushioning capability.

Nike's current product line includes the Nike Swingman Remix RB Boys' Baseball Cleat. The shoe has improved lockdown thanks to its integrated ankle strap. The upper portion is synthetic leather. Its ride is softened by the full length Phylone midsole. They also sell a number of other Griffey shoes.

Beyond the current Nike product line, there is a huge Griffey baseball shoe marketplace. eBay is an example of a place where many Griffey shoes can be found. New and used are both for sale, for a much larger number of choices than is currently for sale by Nike. If you have the money and the inclination, you can even find shoes with Ken Griffey, Jr.'s autograph. Those are not cheap!

Of course with auctions on eBay and other online purchasing, the rule has to be caveat emptor, let the buyer beware. Be sure to order a size that fits the intended wearer. Carefully read any information about shipping costs, condition of the shoes, and so forth.

Griffey shoes have great presence on the web. There are fan sites that discuss the quality and usefulness of the shoes. Some also provide links to places where they are for sale.

One can speculate as to why these shoes have so much popularity. They do seem to be both comfortable and very suitable for playing baseball. Is this also a fashion phenomenon? Saying that they are fashionable is not a criticism. Fashionable things can be high quality. The catch here, which probably doesn't apply to Griffey shoes, is that fashion does not guarantee quality.

The Griffey name is certainly a sales booster. After all, when we see a celebrated athlete pitching a brand of sugar water on television, we note that the sales of that brand of sugar water tend to go up. Ken Griffey, Jr. Is a talented athlete and a person to be admired. What's more, he just retired. That will certainly give his reputation a boost.

If you play baseball, some Griffey cleats or other baseball shoes might be a good thing for you to own. Even if you don't, the shoes are still worth trying on. It's hard to beat the combination of comfort and fashion statement.

I have even more reviews and information about Griffey shoes and Griffey cleats at my website. I will also let you in on a little secret: Where to get them cheaper than anyplace else on the web;) Many thanks for reading, and good luck!

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