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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

JP of Reviews the Derek Jeter Hurricane Machine Baseball Trainer

The New Hurricane Backyard Swing Trainer (also known as the Hurricane Batting Trainer) has turned proven two-man target and stick training into an advanced home solo batting trainer. Thanks to the integrated ball and stick, players of all ages can practice alone anywhere they can swing a bat... and never have to worry about chasing balls.

The Hurricane batting trainer "provides instant feedback on your swing to teach proper mechanics and that means more hits when you play," says 7-time All-Star and Hurricane user Derek Jeter. He's right, as the machine's unique multi-twist design does make it easy to tell how well you're hitting: more turns means more solid and powerful ball contact.

Used by pro, college and high school teams for years, the Hurricane is easy to set up and adjust for height. It can be used for static tee practice or as a dynamic moving target. No matter how you use it, the Hurricane is a swing trainer that will improve bat speed and power!

JP Says:I'm extremely pleased to offer the Hurricane Category 4 Solo Swing Trainer!
This reasonably priced hitting trainer can be used for baseball or softball, either indoors or outside, and is portable enough to take to the practice field. It's also fully adjustable for all ages and sizes of players!

Hitting the Ball Well Happens When:
First- The player is taught proper hitting mechanics, which is always a work in progress.

Next- Players repeat these good mechanical swings over and over and over until they become so natural that success is merely a next step to the next level.

The Hurricane will allow a single player the ability to get the hundreds and thousands of swings necessary to maximize his improvement. all in one self contained unit!

There is no better way for a ballplayer to achieve and repeat these good mechanics than by having the ability to walk out his own back door to take these swings.

The tremendous number of swings that it takes to commit these mechanics to good muscle memory takes many days, weeks and months. Approaching perfection takes much longer. Without this effort, even natural athletes are not nearly as likely to succeed.

And every year we see these natural athletes leave the game prematurely!

If you are a player who realizes the value of Tee work and Soft Toss and Front Toss stations, you'll find The Hurricane batting trainer an extremely valuable and economical tool.

When used as a Tee station you will take five to eight swings per minute. When used to simulate live hitting you will take eight to twelve swings per minute. (The Hurricane easily adjusts for strike height, ball return speed and all contact areas.)

The Ultimate Backyard Training Aid
The ultimate backyard baseball training aid consists of a backyard batting cage with a pitching machine. For those of you considering this investment. please check out our many batting cages and pitching machines.

For those without the space or budget, I would be all over our New Hurricane Backyard Swing Trainer!

Small price, self contained, portable, requires minimal space and no catch net is needed. It is well built, will take punishment and will last for many seasons.

Bonus Drill Book!
We will include 9 drills designed for you to work some of the most important aspects of your swing! These drills are intended to be performed as a 20 minute workout with your Hurricane and will help you perfect your swing mechanics.

2 More Bonuses!
You will also receive the Hurricane Travel Bag and a throw-down Home Plate... perfect to keep you in proper hitting position with your Hurricane Trainer.


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