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Monday, May 24, 2010

Hitting Mechanics and How to Crush Slow Pitching

By Nate Barnett

I hated slow pitchers when I was playing ball. I would have the best hitting mechanics, everything would be great with my swing coming into the game, and then there would be some puss-baller on the hill that would foul everything up. I'm sure you've experienced much the same. Since I've been done with my playing career I've cracked the code for how to hit slow pitchers (wish I would have learned this years ago). Here's the three-step trick to crush all the floaters you want.

1. Widen your stance just a bit. A wider stance will allow you to keep your weight centered better. Slow guys have a magical ability to make you shift your weight to your front foot. When that happens, the Jamie Moyer affect kicks in and you're screwed. Having a wider stance will make it quite a bit tougher to get up on your front foot simply because the angle of your front foot to front him is more gradual. Of course you can't stride as far with this adjustment. That's fine, you can mash the ball all the same.

2. Make sure your weight shift is slow. All kick butt hitters move some of their weight to their back leg prior to the rotation of their body. Just make sure when that ball comes in with an arc as big as a rainbow you shift your weight in a slow manner. Too quick of a weight shift will goof up your rhythm and timing. There is then a high chance you will continue to kill worms by beating the ball into the ground. No fun.

3. Give your ego a break and hit the ball the other way. Most guys love to pull the ball. I'm with you on that one. But, if you want to be successful with slow pitchers, learn to see the ball deep in the strike zone and allow your body to take the pitch the other way. If you make up your mind (BEFORE you get into the batters box) that the pull side of the diamond doesn't exist, you'll be far better off. Trying to yank the ball out of the park on a guy with low velocity will only further your frustration.

Nate Barnett is co-owner of The Pitching Academy.

You can find The Pitching Academy's articles, blog, and videos on baseball hitting mechanics, pitching mechanics, and pitching grips when you visit the website.

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