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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Derek Jeter Hurricane Hitting Machine - "Hip Turner" Drill

You can use the Hurricane Hitting Machine to easily teach young players what is meant by "Hip Turn" and "Turn on the Ball".

It is often difficult and hard to teach younger hitters is the process of using the hips to generate power and bat speed. The key first element to teaching them to use their hips is to do a drill that allows them to see and feel how the hips should turn. The "Hip Turner" drill works great for this purpose. Have the batter assume the "inside pitch location" drill position.

The Hurricane Machine Ball should be directed at the batters front hip with the ball's location inside and out in front of the front leg.The batter will then look away from the ball and find a "landmark" to identify visually. It is great to have a player or coach stand behind the batter at a safe distance. The coach will instruct the batter to assume the ready position and then look back at their teammate or coach. The coach then gives the player the instruction to take a full swing, turn the hips completely, and then look at your teammate or coach from the other side. This look, swing and look, process is done for 4 swings.

This over exaggeration of the hip involvement allows young players to see how the hips turn, how much the hips can turn, and to usderstand what their coach means when he says "turn on that inside pitch". Then the batter is allowed to take 6 more swings.

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